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FinNexus WildNet Ends Nov. 4th

Ryan TianNovember 1st 2020

A summary of our results and what we learned running a peer-to-pool options platform on Ethereum.

Happy Día de Muertos! Today is the last day of celebrations around the world for what we call in China the 10,000 Ghosts Festival (万圣节). Hallowen, Wanshengjie, Mexico’s Day of the Dead, FNX WildNet… All good wild things must come to an end. It’s now time to look back at what we learned and get ready for the new world that is about to greet us (literally) after tomorrow.

We began our journey on the Wildnet for the FinNexus Protocol for Options (FPO) on September 30. It was supposed to last just 30 days, but we ended up extending it for another few days so that our LP contributors can continue to earn while we finalize the mainnet FPO contract (coming soon).

Current liquidity providers (LPs) will have to withdraw from the WildNet smart contract and restake into the new FPO v1.0 smart contract in order to continue earning FNX rewards.

Over the month of October, we have learned a lot and achieved some of our first major team milestones with an on-chain product. All in all, we characterize the experiment as a great success.


  • At its peak, we recorded over $1.8 million total value locked (TVL) in crypto assets locked in our monolithic Multi-Asset Single Pool (MASP)collateral pool.

  • We had 42 addresses contributing collateral to the liquidity pool over the course of October.

  • We sold seven BTC and ETH options to our safelisted cohort.

As we stated when we launched the WildNet, this platform was a limited release in order to obtain valuable feedback from our trusted community members on their user experience. Some of these statistics we know will improve once the Multi-Asset Single Pool (MASP) model opens wide to the public in a few days.

We have listened to their input and have used it to craft the mainnet version of FinNexus Protocol for Options (FPO) v1.0, which we will release simultaneous with the deprecation of the WildNet on Wednesday, November 4.

More details will be revealed about FPO v1.0 in a follow-up Medium post to be released soon. Stay tuned!