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FinNexus Options Trading Competition: the Results are out!

Michele PennaMay 10th 2021

Dear Traders,

It is with pleasure that we announce that the results of the FinNexus Options Trading Competition are now available to the public.

With hundreds of addresses participating and thousands of trades being made, here are the very top dogs of DeFi Options Trading, who will take the lion’s share of the 60,000 FNX prizes. Congratulations!

Number One

Address: 0xc196b196009142ae69151c5b439665784b20d78f (P&L: 796.83%)

Prize: 20,000 FNX

Number Two

Address: 0xb583ed40ee0e5beaff2daa58d04f938184563fc1 (P&L 349.70%)

Prize: 10,000 FNX

Numbers three to five

Address: 0xa632c4ccf287b0d68783a98593a9729cd3cc99b9 (P&L 216.37%)
Address: 0x49ff9a97a6e2a3bf0a1f247c21f4ef74d9fe2292 (P&L 161.33%)
Address: 0x44377e4b9dd36ee9be97d71c0a39a08f3ea8e221 (P&L 101.64%)
Prize: 3,000 FNX

Participants who ended 6th to 40th will receive 600 FNX each. Please click here to find out the full list.

Please bear in mind that:

Prizes are awarded according to the rules outlined here.

The data in the form was from Ethereum, BSC and Wanchain.

FinNexus will release rewards to all accounts in three days since this announcement is published.

Should you have have doubt about the results or any issue you would like to raise, please feel free to contact us in the 3 days before the rewards are distributed.