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BitMax Announces 50% APY Staking for FNX Token Holders

Michele PennaSeptember 16th 2020

Act Now to Enjoy These Benefits — There is Limited Time & Capacity!

The FNX token was listed on leading cryptoasset exchange BitMax on August 31, 2020. At the time, we had hoped to launch a Pre-Staking initiative to make it easy for FNX community members to hold their FNX tokens on exchange and get rewards for HODLing without the risk of impermanent loss and the burden of high Ethereum gas fees that come along with our Uniswap liquidity mining promotion. However, there were some upgrades to the staking infrastructure that needed to take place and we still had a few more weeks on our Uniswap geyser, so here we are.

FinNexus is proud to announce that the BitMax pre-staking initiative, offering a compound yield of 50% APY, has now been launched and is available now!

To enjoy this benefit, you must first acquire FNX ERC20 tokens. The best way to do that is on the BitMax exchange itself. If you already have FNX WRC20 tokens and want to convert them into ERC20, you will have to use our exchange partners BKEX and Bitrue to do so. Once you have FNX ERC20 tokens in your BitMax exchange wallet, it’s really simple to join the staking program.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Earn 50% APY on FNX

First, navigate to the “Staking” item located under the “Investment Product” pull-down menu.

Next, you will see a selection of top BitMax staking offerings and their respective yields. Of course, choose FinNexus! But it’s nice to note the company we keep here. All of them are great projects.

Finally, once you click “View Now” you will be able to see the following screen on which you can actually delegate your FNX and begin earning. Please note the terms and conditions, especially the Unbonding process.

Once you press “Delegate Now” it is fairly straightforward. Just type in how many FNX you want to delegate, agree to the Bitmax Staking Agreement, and press “Confirm.” It’s that easy! If you’ve selected the Compound Mode, you will now be earning 50% APY denominated in FNX tokens.

Enjoy! 🥩🥩🥩

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