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The FinNexus Guide to Mining & Staking

Michele PennaJanuary 21st 2021

The first episode of FNXBoys

FinNexus is proud to have proposed a unique dual-pool mining system that will provide our users with rewards multipliers up to a whopping 320x and drive the platform to the forefront of decentralized finance.

At the heart of the system lies the possibility to mine FNX and USDC in pairs, increasing the rewards you reap from the system and boosting FinNexus’ ecosystem by incentivizing investors to use our native token.

The basic mechanism could hardly be simpler. You add FNX and USDC to the liquidity pool, get FPT — our pool share token — and stake it in mining contracts.

To get the best out of the system, however, you must provide both FNX and USDC, with rewards changing depending on the proportion of the two coins and the time you stake them for.

Sounds complicated? Let the FinNexus Boys guide you through the process!

About FinNexus

FinNexus is pioneering a cross-chain DeFi protocol for writing options exposure for multiple assets with pooled liquidity on Ethereum and Wanchain. This groundbreaking Multi-Asset Single Pool (MASP) methodology for decentralized peer-to-pool options platforms enables anyone anywhere to leverage or hedge their positions in a variety of cryptoassets.

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