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The FinNexus Airdrop Final Whitelist is Published

Michele PennaMarch 11th 2021

Dear FinNexus Community,

The Initial Dex Offering (IDO) scheduled to be held on the WeStarter platform on March 3rd has been temporarily postponed. We would like to thank all the users participating in this event for their support and express our sincere apologies for the temporary delay.

Along with WeStarter, we have decided to airdrop the equivalent of $20,000 in HT to participating users who submitted a valid whitelist. The airdrop will be completed within 7 days.

The team has carefully vetted the 19,949 applications received in order to ensure fairness. After removing invalid participants who sent duplicate submissions, incomplete information, incorrect addresses, or empty addresses, a total of 7,104 submissions have been confirmed.

Please notice that the addresses selected will also have priority when our initiative restarts.

Due to their large number, a complete list of successful addresses cannot be displayed one by one in this announcement. We kindly invite our users to check it in the shared documents below.

Google Doc:


The FinNexus Team

March 10, 2021