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FinNexus Blog

FinNexus Launches the World’s First BNB Decentralized Options

Michele PennaApril 28th 2021

FinNexus is proud to announce the launch of a brand-new product — options based on BNB on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We are certain that this decision will increase the value we offer to our users, providing a profitable financial instrument linked to one of the most popular crypto assets out there.

BNB will thus enter the growing list of underliers currently available on our platform, along with BTC, ETH, MKR, LINK and SNX.

Like other options traded on the FinNexus, the BNB variety will also be American type and will be based on the decentralized peer-to-pool model. Buyers can choose any exercise price and date from 1 to 30 days to customize their position, with the possibility of exercising at any time before the expiration date.

The contracts will be denominated in stablecoins, while a reliable price feed will be provided by ChainLink, with whom FinNexus has had a long and fruitful collaboration in the past.