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FinNexus Completes $1.5 Million Round of Financing

Michele PennaMarch 8th 2021

FinNexus (FNX), the decentralized options platform, has completed a $1.5 million round of financing led by IOSG Ventures. Other participants include Shata Capital, Parallel Ventures, DeFi Capital, SevenX Ventures, Incuba Alpha Labs, D1 Ventures, and K24 Ventures.

IOSG Ventures shared their excitement in this partnership: “Derivatives trading is a key component of any mature financial system and FinNexus is a team capable of continuing to innovate in the field of decentralized derivatives. The options products that FinNexus has launched have demonstrated great potential for decentralized derivatives products. We are truly excited to partner with the FinNexus team and its community in advancing the adoption of decentralized finance.”

The core of the FinNexus derivatives offer revolves around its decentralized options platform. Its original Peer to Pool product model perfectly combines a traditional option pricing model with a decentralized capital pool. Currently, the product runs on multiple public chains including Ethereum.

FinNexus’s product capabilities and global operations have already been widely recognized by investment institutions. We are confident that the participation of reputable groups will help the company reach new heights in terms of products, global branding, and operations.