FinNexus Options


FinNexus Options makes it easy to buy and exercise BTC, ETH, LINK, SNX, and MKR options in a secure and decentralized way on Ethereum & Wanchain.
Earning with FinNexus Options is even easier! Simply add FNX, WAN, or USDC to the liquidity pool and begin collecting rewards!
(Support for more tokens coming soon!)

Add Liquidity & Earn!

With FPO v1.0, liquidity providers earn attractive rewards for trustlessly locking their assets in the the MASP liquidity pool.

Add FNX, USDC, or WAN liquidity to earn!

Hedge & Leverage

FPO's wide variety of options makes it easy to find just the solution for your investment needs, and our MASP liquidity pool ensures you never need to worry if there's enough liquidity.

Hedge or leverage BTC, ETH, & ERC20 tokens now with FinNexus Protocol for Options!